Inspirational Stories

Families First Early Head Start

When I was 15 years old, I had my first baby.  I enrolled in Early Head Start when the baby was 6 months old.  I made almost all of my visits on Friday’s after school, and participated in as many Early Head Start activities as I could.  I had my second child during my senior year of high school.  During this time I achieved high honor status and graduated high school.

After graduation  I still continued with Early Head Start, meeting weekly  and working to decide what my goals would be.   One of my goals was to go to college.  My Home Visitor encouraged me in this goal and together we completed my application for Clarion University.  After being accepted to Clarion, and in part due to being in Early Head Start, I decided to major in Early Childhood Education.  While going to Clarion, I held three jobs, met weekly with my Home Visitor, and married my fiancé.

Today I have my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I am working in the early education field.   I am proud of both of my children, and they are doing wonderfully.  We are expecting our third child, and I am excited that my family has just purchased our first home!


Sycamore Commons

I lived in the Tionesta area with my parents over 40 years. I helped take care of them and helped them with a Salvage Business. Sadly, they passed away and I was on my own. I lived in our home from 1987-until 2010. Unfortunately, I lost the house because I couldn’t pay for it. Because of severe mental health and health issues, I was not able to work. I came to Venango County and stayed in run-down abandoned  properties unfit for living as well as sleeping on friends floors. Eventually, I got hooked up with Mental Health and received a case worker. She saw to it that I moved to V-TECH, an emergency shelter room where I had a bed to sleep in. After living at the V-TECH room, an apartment became available through Community Services of Venango County.  I was able to move into Sycamore Commons after more than  2 years of sleeping on floors. I now have my own bed and a place to call my own.  It is such a relief to me to not worry where I have to stay every night. I love my home.