work wear1PA WORKWEAR is a PA State program offered to TANF recipients referred from the County Assistance Office and various work programs. An individual will receive personalized attention and professional attire for a job interview as well as a week’s worth of clothing for their new job. Our specially designed boutique has many clothing items available for all kind of work activities as well as a private dressing room to try on clothing. Some funding is provided to purchase special items for the boutique but the program relies mainly on new or nearly new donated items. This program is offered to anyone in need of work or interview clothing.

If you would like to support our program and help people in our community achieve independence, our needs are as follows:
• Maternity Clothingwork wear2
• Black and Khaki slacks in all sizes
• Medical Scrubs in all sizes
• Jeans in all sizes
• Black and White non-slip shoes
• Low-heel, closed toe-shoes
• Monetary donations