Independent Monitoring for Quality

Community Voices-Independent Monitoring for Quality

Picture taken at the; IM4Q Annual Statewide /Training Left, Nancy Thaler-Deputy Secretary of Office of Developmental Programs Department of Human Services Center, Tia Nelis, Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered Chicago, IL Right- Celia Feinstein Independent Monitoring for Quality

During IM4Q’s 2015 Annual Statewide Training, keynote speaker/parent, Melisa Hunter, spoke on Preparing for a Successful Transition from High School.  She shared the journeys her twin daughters, Monica & Marisa, took.  Their transition, like all good transitions, was based on the girl’s strengths, preferences, interests, and needs.  Melisa shared how hard it was to remember that they are adults and must take part in decision making.  What worked for one did not work for the other?  It is never too early to start planning for transition.

Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) was established in 1999 by the Office of Developmental Programs and can be found in all PA counties.

What does IM4Q do?
IM4Q assures individuals and their families’ voices are heard and their perceptions are shared. Quality improvement plans at all service levels; Individual, Provider, County, State and National level include the voices of IM4Q participants.

Who are the participants?
The participants are persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, persons who know them well and their families completed interviews process with Community Voices IM4Q.

Where are participants from?
Participants are randomly selected by the state.  Community Voices provides IM4Q services in Cameron/Elk, Clarion, McKean, and Venango counties, as well as Polk State Center.


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